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Trip to Mary Aikenhead School July 2010

Below are a few short movie clips illustrating the work and experiences of Julia Bird and Jill March on their trip to Mary Aikenhead School, Zambia in July 2010.

Mary Aikenhead is a truly special place and to have this link is extremely important to all at Southwick. Teachers have been exchanging between the two schools to share ideas and support since 2002.

The clips show a brief outline of the opening ceremony that Julia and Jill arrived just in time for. Mary Aikenhead was proud to open an extension to the school and had many dignitaries at the event, including the Irish ambassador and the Deputy Minister for Education.

There are also clips that portray ‘A Day in the Life’ of Mary Aikenhead, the local community and some of the work that was completed on this trip.

July 2009 Zambian Plea
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